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  • Liuwa Plain Safaris

    We are excited to announce that as of May 2015 Norman Carr Safaris (Time & Tide) we will offer safaris in Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia. They are giving the existing camp, Matamanene (previously run by Robin Pope Safaris),  a soft facelift and will be operating 4 and 5 night set departure safaris guided by [...]

  • Removal of Yellow Fever vaccination requirements for Zambia

    We are pleased to share the exciting news of Yellow Fever certification being lifted (with immediate effect) for travel between Zambia and its regional neighbors, South Africa and Botswana. This follows the recent announcement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of declaring Zambia yellow fever free. This decision should prove beneficial to Zambia tourism as [...]

  • Adrenaline Rush – if only I could fly

    An early morning winter drive at Little Kwara produced great drama. First we found a cub all alone in an open flood, in anticipation mode, the most obvious question was ‘where is the mother?’. Suddenly out of the nearby bush came a herd of kudus purposefully walking into the plain in our direction, this was [...]

  • Zambia / Zimbabwe combined visa

    Zambia and Zimbabwe are pleased to announce the launch of the Kavango Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (KAZA) UNIVISA from 28th November, 2014. It is a common tourist visa for the SADC region which will be piloted by Zambia and Zimbabwe for six months. If successful, it will rolled out to Angola, Botswana and Namibia. During [...]

  • Safaritalk article on Benson’s pre-school project

    Matt Wilkinson, founder of Safaritalk, has just spent a few days with Benson in Zimbabwe and on the final day had an opportunity to visit the pre-school Benson has built near to Victoria Falls. He has posted the following excellent article on Safaritalk: (you’ll need to log in/register for the pics)

  • You Won’t Catch Ebola from a Giraffe in Tanzania

    I have written previously about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa but anyone with concerns may also find this article of interest:

  • Ebola Outbreak – an update

    The outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has understandably caused major concern with travelers planning safaris to Africa. However at the time of writing there have been no cases of Ebola in Southern and East Africa; this includes Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. It is worth noting that Africa [...]

  • The Fatal Attack – Dog takes Car

    I was watching dogs chasing red lechwe onto a peninsula with some guests.  When the hunt failed one dog took a liking to a landrover and attacked. From our position we could not tell what part of the vehicle he had gripped onto like a vice. The guide in the victim car got warned about [...]

  • Let’s Go to the Dogs Today

    On a hunt with the Linyanti pack at Dumatau camp in March 2014. The younger members of the pack lost the hunting steam and enjoyed playing in the rain; they sure had a ball. They kept ‘chasing tails’ and once in a while slipped and fell in the water. Even in that play drama  the [...]