Travel Tips

For many guests confirming their booking is just a step in a journey towards their dream holiday. Normally there is a long lead time between booking and the date of departure so we often find there is a pause in communications once the safari arrangements are confirmed and the holiday is booked.

As the departure date approaches and guests start thinking about the practical issues a whole new set of questions becomes relevant. In writing this website we have tried to address the questions we are most commonly asked and it will continue to evolve over time so please let us know if you feel something should be added for the benefit of future guests.

Each of the individual countries in Destinations has a section on Health & Visas and Money & Security. As this information can quickly become outdated, despite our best intentions, we have also included links to the relevant pages on the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and US Department of State websites, along with relevant official tourism websites and health information sites. So please follow these links to access the most up to date information, including recommended vaccinations, visa requirements and any security issues.

We know from experience how stressful packing can be for our guests, particularly when transfers are by light aircraft and stringent luggage allowances are in force. So we provide Packing Recommendations along with suggestions for the type of soft bag to use.

For many of our guests, photography is an important part of the safari experience. Some of our guests are highly experienced photographers, but for those of us who need a bit of advice we have included some Photography Tips.

Pre-travel reading can form an important part of your travel experience – adding immeasurably to your appreciation of Africa. So we have included a Recommended Reading list should you wish to do any light or more serious reading before or during your holiday.