The entire trip more than lived up to our expectations! We all had a spectacular time on the safari portion with Benson including Victoria Falls and the visit to the village and school. Benson is a very special man and his enthusiasm and knowledge really made the trip so rewarding for us. Benson had us up every day at 5am and out on the first game drive by around 6am. He was always smiling and so upbeat and helpful. We would love to return someday with our daughter and we wouldn’t do it without Benson accompanying us.

J Hodge, WA USA

 From your first contact with Fiona at Ngoko you know you are someone special. I know of no other company that will go to so much trouble to ensure your trip is exactly tailored to your needs. Travel with Benson as your guide for your total African experience. Bensons humour, knowledge & bush skills are second to non, he is lauded by his peers & is one of the top ten African Safari guides in many lists!

We have been traveling to Africa for the past 14 years & in that time I expect we have contacted over 100 safari companies & received many, many quotes & itineraries. We have specific needs & are very individual in our Safari requirements only Ngoko seem to have listened to these needs & then planned the itinerary to meet our demanding requirements.  Adjustments have willingly been made to fine tune that itinerary for our perfect trip.

WE have repeatedly returned to Ngoko Safaris to arrange our trips to Africa.

R Free, UK (copied from safaribookings.com)

 Oh Fiona!  We had SUCH a great time!!  I can not even express how happy we are in words (but I’ll try).  First off, Benson is quite simply one of the finest human beings we’ve ever had the privilege to hang out with. He is a wonderful man and we are lucky to count him as a friend.  Our safari exceeded our expectations on every level.  We loved the accommodations, the staff, the driver/guides, the food, the sites, etc etc.  You picked wonderful places for us, each offering a different exposure…the staff at Selinda was superb, the accommodations at Little Vumbura were exceptional, and the game viewing at Chitibe was phenomenal. Our comfort and safety were well looked after at every place…be sure to let everyone know how happy we are.  The driver/guides at each camp were awesome!  Pete at Selinda, Sevara at Vumbura, and Phinlay at Chitabe…LOVE those guys!!!  I plan on telling everyone I know who is ever considering a trip to Africa to get ahold of you, I can not recommend Ngoko high enough.  Thank you for all you did along the way, we are so incredibly appreciative.

M Healey, WA USA

 I just wanted to reach out and say that we had the most amazing experience and Benson made the trip for me and my girlfriend Tonya. (especially her birthday!!)  He has the most brilliant attitude, unbelievable energy, calm deminer & he is chalk full of information. Our trip was full of animals, nice people, wonderful accommodations, and very happy wake up calls. (some in towels………)

I am very happy to say we miss him greatly, and will recommend Ngoko safaris & Benson to all of our friends, family & clients. Please express that to him as i do know it is hard to make such life long friendships and then have to depart. Thanks again.

A Richman, CO USA


We had an amazing trip and wonderful experiences.  I do so appreciate all the effort you put into choosing the camps and making all the arrangements for us.  You did a great job and in spite of a few little hiccups, everything was fantastic.

We loved meeting Benson and spending time with him.  Even though he was with other guests, he treated us as if we had hired him as our personal guide.  He’s a wonderful guy and both of us appreciated the attention and information he showered upon us.  I hope someday we might be able to have him as our private guide.

We are now ardent supporters of Ngoko and have given your name to several people already.  If there’s any other way we can support you, please let me know.  I wanted to put a review on Trip Advisor, but don’t see a method to do that for a travel company.  If I’d realized that sooner, I would have written something about you into my lodge reviews.  I’m not sure I can edit them now though and add.  So, if you have any ideas of where to post something, please let me know.

Our trip was an amazing series of experiences we’ll never forget.  Thanks for helping make it so special.

G Krieger, CA USA

 Although I know Jeff has been in contact with you since our trip this summer, I have been meaning to write to you myself.  It has taken me much more time than I expected  to process the trip and, in fact, I am still doing so several months later.  Despite my slow processing, I want to relay what an incredible experience we had and how very thankful I am that Ngoko Safaris made the trip so very special.  Truly, there are no adequate superlatives to express how grateful I am for your work and Benson’s fantastic guidance.  On a daily basis I think of some memory of the trip.

As you know, one of my close friends and colleagues has been working to put together a trip within her timeframe and budget.  When I shared with my kids that she was not sure about having Benson accompany them, both Ben and Rachel were vehement that Benson made the trip literally life-altering.  Ben was the quietest member of our group, however he was like a sponge soaking in all that Benson had to offer.  He regularly recites back to me things Benson shared with us, from the habits of the aardwolf to the Zimbabwe political scene.  Despite her love of animals, Rachel sometimes has difficulty staying still, however she never once got bored during our long drives in the bush, due to Benson’s shared appreciation for all things living.  She knew she was with a kindred spirit, though from the other side of the earth and different in so many obvious ways.

Not to be overlooked, your attention to detail in arranging our trip was wonderful.   The flights and accommodations were fantastic.  Your advice about the camps to visit in order to see a broad range of wildlife was spot on.  And your handling of Rachel’s newly discovered food allergy to pumpkin made us all feel totally at ease.  The way you stepped in from thousands of kilometers away to extend our last game drive so we’d spend less time in the Kasane Airport showed your remarkable willingness to take care of your clients up until literally our last hour in the bush.

I have never felt so unequivocally strong about recommending two people and that both you and Benson work together makes for a brilliant company.

J Porter, USA (children ages 17 and 13 at time of travel)

 To suggest that Benson is one of the best safari guides in the world is actually missing the point.  He is indeed that, but much more.  Benson has a deep understanding of the Western culture, yet he has firmly retained his roots, enabling him to give us a varied, insightful and complete picture of the at once exquisite and confounding African wilderness.  That his long journey (from a boy growing up in a rural village in Zimbabwe to becoming a world-class, truly bi-cultural guide) was achieved in one lifetime is quite simply remarkable.

There have been plenty of dramas on safaris booked through Ngoko Safaris but never any drama in booking them.  Fiona executes each trip with precision and integrity.  Dealing with Ngoko is a pleasure.

Kenneth Coe, Darien, CT USA

Let me start by saying what an incredible adventure we had. Benson was incredible. It is not easy orchestrating 15 people on activities but he did it with grace and remarkable efficiency. He is also great company and a truly fascinating man who obviously loves his work and his culture. The camps were just beautiful. You chose two great examples of Africa with a little different take in each. The food, service and accomodations were perfect. The game viewing was life-changing for someone who had never been to Africa. Finally, I can not say how great you have been to work with. You really kept us on task and made sure we were all prepared for the trip. There were no surprises and that made the trip even more enjoyable. You have a great company which I would recommend to anyone. As we told Benson, we will be back!!! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.

L Cooney, USA

We arrived at home 45 minutes ago. Please tell Benson we are home safe and send us our email. He was fantastic: guide, concierge and friend. We do hope the two of you visit us.

To begin with, each of our three safaris has been better than the one before. This one was much the best. The depth, variety and proximity of the animals was truly overwhelming. Yes, we did see an aardvark, one evening, also a leopard walked to three feet of our jeep and opened her maw to let me know who was more important. We saw the usual droves of impala, perhaps a thousand elephant, maybe 500 giraffe, and 75 lion, 8 leopards and one cheetah. We saw Roan, Sable, and most of the little antelope. We saw wild cat and caracal. We saw both lion and leopard mating, many feeding scenes, a leopard run up a tree with an impala to escape an hyena, an elephant chasing a lion, wild dogs chasing feeding and killing. We had herds of elephant and buffalo walk past our jeep. The food was wonderful.

J Rowe, USA

This trip has been amazing and authentic. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect trip. I feel a sense of appropriateness and connectedness that gives me a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Several people have commented that whenever they look at me I have a contented smile. How can one not. I’ve had many brilliant trips to Africa, this is the most fulfilling!

B Kipper, USA

My heavens, what a wonderful trip! Our time with Benson was everything and more we could have wished for – simply a superb time with this man who is so marvelous – as a guide, a friend, a wonderful human being whose love for the bush makes all things bright and beautiful. How can we ever really express it? Thank you, dear Fiona for all you did to make things go well – you traveled with us daily.

A Wilson, USA

I have just returned from my safari in Botswana with Ngoko Safaris and am busily recalling a fantastically organised and executed experience.  I must say Benson Siyawareva is a very knowledgeable and experienced guide who helped create one of the most memorable holiday experiences we have had with his outstanding knowledge of all wildlife and other facts about Botswana.  A wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone considering a safari in this part of the world.

G Bartlett, UK

Hi Fiona, The trip was extraordinary! Everything was perfect. The safari’s were amazing and we had such a great time. It was the best and most rewarding trip of my life thanks to you.

D Carlton, USA

Hello Fiona, thanks for your welcome back email.  The trip did not only live up to expectations, if anything it exceeded them and was full of surprises, some of them on the adventurous side some simply resulting from personal ideas not matching reality. Anyway, our somewhat poorly informed decision to travel to Zambia turned out to be just right and with your resourceful support in researching options and planning the details we got more than we had hoped for.   We were particularly happy for your late night patience in answering questions about pyjamas and sandals. Next trip we will have a lot less trouble in deciding what to bring and what not. 12 kg weight restriction is really no problem.

L Nell, Germany

Hi Fiona!  Thank you so much for the note.  We had a fabulous time, and Benson was just so much fun to be with.  We just had lunch with my brother and he was asking what the #1 best thing about our safari was, and Christian and I both, in unison, said “Benson.” I want to write you a longer note later this week with more details, but the first thing I wanted to just say, quickly, was thank you for setting up such a seamless, smooth holiday for us.  We loved the Norman Carr safaris, and we loved each of the places we stayed in Botswana.  It’s a LITTLE hard to be back and actually have to get things done, not be pampered and fed, and have our only responsibility for the day be to be driven around looking for animals! : )  I know you know how that feels.

L Moore, USA

Hi Fiona. Thanks for enquiring. The only word that comes to mind is Brilliant! Everything was brilliant. The Safari, the accommodation, Wilderness Safaris, the guide, the camps staff and the animals. All beyond my wildest expectations. And that includes your help and service. I’ll be going back in a year or two and I’ll be coming to you for more of the same.   Thanks a million for all your help.

P Maujean, Australia

We decided not to sell Benson as we compared him with all the other guides on offer, including his older brother, and thought that we had got the best on offer – don’t tell him as it will go straight to his head and then who knows what will happen ……………?   He was delightful, charming, fun, kind, naughty, cheeky, etc., etc. I hope our write up [in the Travel Africa magazine] does him, the camps and the country justice. We had a fabulous time !   Please look after him as you have got a real treasure and I am sure that he is a wonderful friend and colleague. As you can see he sort of crept under our skin.   Your itinerary said that we would be saying goodbye to Benson when we arrived in Vic Falls – we must have said it on at least 4 or 5 occassions but we kept finding reasons to get back in touch (him just as frequently as us).

S Nicholls, UK

Thank you so much for organising our holiday so efficiently. It exceeded all expectations (which was hard!). The highlights include watching the game from our balconies at Mfuwe lodge (a bachelor group of elephants having a mudbath amongst other things) and watching a leopard kill and eat an impala.  You seemed to get us all the best rooms at the lodges and everything went smoothly (flying in Africa is so much easier than in Europe!). I will definitely be singing your praises.

G Sims, UK