Zimbabwe: When to Go

Zimbabwe is predominantly a year round destination, although some of the more remote camps do close during the rainy season, from around mid-November to March.

March to May are the most dramatic months to see the Falls as this is the time of peak water flow. The amount of spray is likely to obscure your view however and you should be prepared to get extremely wet!

The peak game viewing months are June/July to October. As the seasonal water sources dry up, animals begin to congregate around rivers and permanent water holes. Vegetation also dies back, making visibility easier.  June to August are the winter months and night-time temperatures can fall significantly, so warm clothing is essential. Days are normally warm and sunny.

By September / October game viewing is at its most prolific. Some guests prefer to avoid October due to the heat. Mana Pools, which forms part of the low-lying Rift Valley, can become uncomfortably hot at this time.

As the dry season progresses the water flow at the Falls steadily drops, leading to excellent rafting conditions from August to December. At lower water levels we recommend viewing the Falls from the Zimbabwe side rather than the Zambia side, which may not have any water flowing.

November can be a mixed month as the rains arrive, bringing with them some spectacular storms. These can be fabulous to watch but not so great if you are doing a camp transfer in a light aircraft! As the rains arrive you can almost feel the earth exhaling a huge sigh of relief. New grasses sprout seemingly overnight and animals disperse to fresh feeding grounds, no longer tied to the few remaining water sources.

During the rainy season guides and guests need to work harder for their sightings but should be rewarded, as this is a time many animals drop their young…leading to easy prey for the predators. A time of plenty all round! Migrant birds arrive and breeding birds are in their brightly colored plumage.