Mozambique: When to Go

Mozambique has a tropical climate and the skies are sunny throughout the year. The best time to visit is during the drier winter months of May to October.

The rains largely fall between December and March, although lasting a few weeks longer in the north of the country than the south – starting and ending about 6 weeks later north of the Zambezi. The coastal areas of central Mozambique have a risk of cyclones during the rainy season.

November can be a mixed month; some years the rains start, other years it may remain hot and sunny. Humidity can be uncomfortably high just before and during the rains.

April and May herald the start of the dry season, with the rains gradually easing off and dry sunny weather working its way northwards.

June to October offer a warm tropical climate with plenty of sunshine, clear skies and virtually no rain. Evenings are generally warm, except for a few nights in June and July. Average daily temperatures range between 25°C – 30°C.