Mozambique: Money Matters & Security


The currency in Mozambique is the Metical. You cannot buy meticais outside Mozambique.

South African Rand, Sterling, US Dollars and Euros are widely accepted in tourist areas, particularly in the south of the country. Be prepared to bring notes that have been issued within the past five years. Old currency is not accepted due to the possibility of counterfeiting. Credit cards are only accepted at the major hotels and restaurants.

ATM machines are available in major city centres and in some hotels. Traveler’s Checks are not as popular, so it is advisable to have cash or credit/debit card.


Tipping is not usually expected though is becoming the norm in tourist areas and a tip of 5-15% is often appreciated. Bargaining for local handicrafts is commonplace.


Generally speaking Mozambique is a safe place and most visits are trouble free. Street crime is a problem in Maputo and there has been an increase in car jacking, but visitors who employ common-sense preventive measures normally enjoy an incident-free stay.

For up to date advice we recommend you refer to your own governmental travel advisories:

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Mozambique:

US Department of State International Travel Information Mozambique: