Kenya: Getting Around

Nairobi is a major hub airport and the main entry point to Kenya. There are direct flights daily to Nairobi from the UK. If travelling from the USA it is best to route through London or Amsterdam, to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam. 

Once in Kenya it is possible to be driven between safari camps or to fly. We don’t normally recommend self-drive due to the poor quality of the roads in the wilderness areas.

There are a number of charter companies offering light aircraft flights on a circuit between the main safari destinations and we recommend you mainly include air transfers for convenience and time-saving. However some of the road transfers can be extremely interesting, particularly in the northern areas, as you pass through local towns and villages and see real life unfolding before you. Also the scenery can be magnificent. We suggest including one or maybe two road transfers if possible. Please note that the road transfers can be long and often bumpy!

On most flights you will be limited to 15kg (33lb) of luggage per person in soft bags, to include your camera equipment and hand luggage.

For most first-time visitors to Africa the imposition of such luggage restrictions is daunting…you may not have a suitable bag and the idea of packing so light can be very stressful. Our section on Pack for your Safari aims to provide practical advice to assist.