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  • Adrenaline Rush – if only I could fly

    An early morning winter drive at Little Kwara produced great drama. First we found a cub all alone in an open flood, in anticipation mode, the most obvious question was ‘where is the mother?’. Suddenly out of the nearby bush came a herd of kudus purposefully walking into the plain in our direction, this was [...]

  • The Fatal Attack – Dog takes Car

    I was watching dogs chasing red lechwe onto a peninsula with some guests.  When the hunt failed one dog took a liking to a landrover and attacked. From our position we could not tell what part of the vehicle he had gripped onto like a vice. The guide in the victim car got warned about [...]

  • Let’s Go to the Dogs Today

    On a hunt with the Linyanti pack at Dumatau camp in March 2014. The younger members of the pack lost the hunting steam and enjoyed playing in the rain; they sure had a ball. They kept ‘chasing tails’ and once in a while slipped and fell in the water. Even in that play drama  the [...]

  • Learning the Hard Way

    An afternoon game drive at Kwara Camp in Botswana introduced us to the mmaLito  pride with 3 cubs. The cubs are the first known litter for the 4 Marsh Boys who saw off the famous coalition of 7. MmaLito pride had just taught the cubs to cross deep water risking ‘flatdogs’ and flooding. Once they [...]

  • Warthog plays mediator in Luangwa Valley

    A  5 minute drive afternoon drive out of Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park we stumble upon an incredible crime scene. An impala ewe lay sprawled on the bank of a dry ox-bow lake, surrounded by a troop of male yellow baboons. In the foreground was a herd of impala, puku and vervet [...]

  • Nature a game of patience – Kwando Lagoon Pride at show

    Normally lions are lethargic, sleepy and boring during day viewing. We came across this small pride resting mid-morning, they were still alert and even tried stalking some kudu but in vain. This encouraged our group to stick with them since we had already seen other main predators (crocodiles, painted dogs and leopard) and great general [...]

  • Crossing Swords: Pied Kingfisher swordplays a swordfish

    I find a day incomplete without bird watching. On a recent tour in South Africa I went searching for Cape birds along the Garden Route, and was delighted to be rewarded with the following scenes at the Wilderness Lakes. A male kingfisher caught a long silvery fish and brought his catch close  to my hideout. [...]

  • Devil Tease

    Rains encourage young crocodiles to disperse, often into small pans inland, away from all the competition in the major rivers and dams. These wet periods are a test of vigilance and resilience in young reptiles. They have to learn all  their competitive skills. If they survive this ordeal they will be normally be successful as [...]

  • The Kingfisher in a Prince’s Royal Attire

    A few weeks ago the Ngoko bug took us on the Chobe river boat cruise with friends from USA. Apart from seeing the impressive large herds of game on Sidudu Island we developed a great interest in birding. We were rewarded with black crowned night herons, giant kingfishers, fish eagles etc but the ultimate was [...]

  • When Baboons turn White

    On a recent trip to South Luangwa while taking a siesta break at Mwamba camp I was lured outside my room by a noisy troop of Yellow Baboons. Taking a closer look I found one of the babies was all white apparently a common phenomenon in this part of the world according to local guides. [...]