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  • The Kingfisher in a Prince’s Royal Attire

    A few weeks ago the Ngoko bug took us on the Chobe river boat cruise with friends from USA. Apart from seeing the impressive large herds of game on Sidudu Island we developed a great interest in birding. We were rewarded with black crowned night herons, giant kingfishers, fish eagles etc but the ultimate was [...]

  • When Baboons turn White

    On a recent trip to South Luangwa while taking a siesta break at Mwamba camp I was lured outside my room by a noisy troop of Yellow Baboons. Taking a closer look I found one of the babies was all white apparently a common phenomenon in this part of the world according to local guides. [...]

  • Zambia Airport Tax Update

    The introduction of the new Infrastructure & Development Charge which was due to be charged from 1st October 2012 has been delayed until further notice. This means that only the departure and security taxes are payable at Lusaka, Livingstone, Mfuwe & Ndola airports at ZMK 58,080 (£9 or US$14) per person on domestic flights and [...]

  • A Desperate Act of Survival

    On a safari in August 2012, we almost watched the movie ‘Jaws’ this time the setting was in Luangwa Valley at Shenton Safaris’ Kaingo Camp. We watched two adolescent lions take the risk of crossing the crocodile and hippo-infested river. That morning the dawn silence had been broken by the deep roars of two mature [...]